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Concept Lolita
EQUIPMENT incorporated
Compatible with BioDiv system
Made in France

• Class II luminaire
• Cast aluminum base with an inverted pyramid shape.
Section 130 mm x 130 mm at the base, 180 mm x 180 mm at the top.
• 4 curved semi-recessed cast aluminum arms. Passage of the electrical cable inside one of the arms.
• Aluminum tray with cable passage profile on the underside.
• Round lolita light fixture fixed on the upper shelf
• One-piece body in die-cast aluminum casting Ø370mm
• Sealed, screen-printed LOLITA bowl :
– in IK08 flat glass, as standard
– in IK10 polycarbonate, on request
• Aluminum strips between PCBs to reduce glare
• RAL / Akzo Nobel powder coating of your choice, seaside option on request
• Square lower section 130mm x 130mm, upper diameter 700mm, height 640mm.

– PMMA optical lenses
– PCB and aluminum
– Optics: Road (R), Semi-urban (SU), Urban (U), Square (P), Cycle path (PCY), Pedestrian crossing, Architectural.
– Color temperatures: 3000K, 2700K, 2200K, 1800K (4000K, on request) – Coexistence of 2 optional color temperatures*.
– Cable gland
– Pre-wired HO7 RN-F flexible (Length depending on equipment)
– ULR < 1%, ULR < 4% (in situ), CIE flux 3 code > 95%

• EQUIPMENT incorporated:
-IP66 waterproofing
– Optional antenna socket (Fixing depending on configuration)
– Driver Light prog, Driver Full prog (With DALI output on request). SR or D4I driver and socket, optional
* Additional driver for temperature mix option

– 10kV surge protector on request
– Varistor on request

• All our components are ENEC certified

covering on Ø60mm pole or suspended in 34 PDG.

  • Eligible for energy-saving certificate
  • ENEC-certified components
  • RoHS
  • DEEE PRO member
  • CE 1166
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Meets the requirements of the Decree of December 27, 2018 on the prevention, reduction and limitation of light pollution.