towns equipped with Chrysalis by 2022

Founding principles.

Our development is centered on:

  • The uniqueness of the places
    From an industrialized module, we work on the possibilities of customization
  • The human activity(response to uses/needs)
    Our lolita optical units are minimalist, adjusted to needs, programmable, controllable remotely or by detection. Some models can incorporate RGBW to accompany social life.
  • Biodiversity and the environment
    We work on certain preservation areas, with spatial and temporal precision, in order to minimize the nuisance inherent in lighting while maintaining a sufficient level of service to the user.

Sustainability in our DNA


  1.  A conviction : each project, site, region has its specificities and its unique unique character.
  2. Technical reliability
    A secure construction principle based on a rigorous selection of components.
  3. Business agility
    The ability to provide a specific response to each technical or aesthetic need from a common base.
  4. A committed sustainable logic:
    a. A guaranteed lifr time (optical system +100000h, L90B10 and security chain)
    b. Environmental footprint reduced by half vs conventional luminaire (dimensional product optimized as accurately as possible with a reduction in raw material consumption).
    c. Over 95% local subcontracting (less than 300km)
    d. Societal commitment (artistic support, committed disabled employment, joint approach started)…
  5. Principle of loyalty It must dictate our daily actions vis-à-vis:
    1. our customers (to whom we owe accurate and reliable answers)
    2. our partners (respecting long-term commitments)
    3. our employees (recognition of the work accomplished)
    4. our shareholders (recognition of the financial commitment both at the start and in investment)