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Lolita concept.


Lolita concept

Lolita is an optical unit that turns into light. This simplicity makes it possible to offer innumerable aesthetic variations to respond to the personality of the place and/or the specificities of use.

Function reduced to its simplest expression


Lolita is modular in size and shape:

  • 2 round models: Ø 370 , Ø 235
  • 3 rectangular models: 265mm, 205mm, 165mm, length: 300mm
  • A common thickness: 25mm
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Simplified maintenance

The switchgear is offset at the foot of the support. This construction principle means

  • Simplified maintenance, which saves time
  • Uninterrupted traffic and use during the maintenance period
  • A reduction in the carbon footprint of the work (light vehicle vs. aerial platform)

Impact minime

The thickness of the lolita was initially designed to facilitate heat exchange and direct cooling of the LEDs,

The 25mm thickness also offers a number of advantages:

  • Reduced weight and wind load
  • The possibility of reducing the size of supports (or even clumps)
  • Discreet architectural integration
  • Possibility of playing with colour by touching the luminaire and/or its attachment

Life extension

A safe assembly allows an extension of the lifespan:

Composition of the security chain: Thermal probe, ESP, G-MOV varistor, lightening arrester, 10 KV protected driver