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The Tempo collection presents a new vision of LOLITA. Fitted with bodyworks with varied inspirations, LOLITA has changed its appearance and is available in 5 new shapes, under the lines Camélia, Bouton d’Or, Primevère, Bleuet and Edelweiss. Tempo has been able to adapt to a historical centre by reinterpreting shapes from the past, like a pedestrian track on the outskirts of public or private zones or even a two-way boulevard. From town-centres to beaches, the diversity of the Temp collection shows that with LOLITA, everyone will find... a shoe that fits.

Les luminaires Tokyo

The Tempo collection of lights effectively provides made-to-order solutions with the high standard which is the focus of Chrysalis. Each of these 7 different compositions, with their own personalities, integrates a round LOLITA, fitted with 2 to 4 latest generation PCB, and can accommodate Lolita, Short (VLC), Half (VLD) and Glass (VLV) bowls. Modern and clear lines, or deliberately classic with decorative mouldings, Tempo lights shall be perfect companions for your lighting installations.
Each Tempo light is compatible with each of the Tempo brackets shown in the following pages.

Bouton d'or

Camélia et Camélia compact

Edelweiss et compact


Caractéristiques générales

Installation and maintenance

The Tempo lights are delivered pre-wired. There is no maintenance requirement for the internal parts of the optical unit. The equipment is movable to the base of the pole for better ease of intervention.
The Tempo lights can only be mounted on pole tops (S). The light is pre-fitted with a brass sleeve Ø 34 pdg (1” G).

Materials and finish

The body of LOLITA is monobloc and made of injected cast aluminium.
The dome and functional disks are made of aluminium sheet.
Polyester coating finish, choice of RAL or Futura Akzo Nobel colours.
Pressed flat glass LOLITA bowl, thermally toughened (VLV – IK 08), or polycarbonate (VLP – IK 10).
Short bowls VLC and Half bowl VLD made of satin methacrylate.

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