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The Rétro bracket collection is a new advantageous option for you to renovate the lighting solutions in your spaces filled with history. The timeless and neo-classical shapes which are used in each of these sets are accompanied by a new category of lights of the same name. Here, LOLITA is at the core of 7 new RÉTRO lights, which are worthy of the evocative names of Charlemagne, Medicis, Clovis, Henri IV, Cléopâtre, Marc-Antoine and Eugénie. The Rétro collection offers 7 brackets, which brilliantly revisit the classics of the genre, and ensure LED lighting without compromise for your public spaces.

Les luminaires Villandry

The purpose of Chrysalis was to allow customers to imagine their ideal light by providing made-to-order items which are all inter-compatible, and this idea is clearly expressed with the new range of Rétro lights, which are directly available with LOLITA.
At the core of 7 new versions with a neo-classical design focus, LOLITA has been a true revival of stylish and classical lighting. Each Rétro light is compatible with each of the Rétro brackets shown in the following pages.


Henri IV






Caractéristiques générales

Installation and maintenance

The Rétro lights are delivered pre-wired. There is no maintenance requirement for the internal parts of the optical unit. The equipment is movable to the base of the pole for better ease of intervention.
The Rétro lights are distributed between suspended mounting (s) and top / holded on a dedicated lyre (P).

Materials and finish

The body of LOLITA is monobloc and made of injected cast aluminium.
The Rétro functional disks are made of aluminium sheet.
Polyester coating finish, choice of RAL or Futura Akzo Nobel colours.
Pressed flat glass LOLITA bowl, thermally toughened (VLV – IK 08), or polycarbonate (VLP – IK 10).
LOLITA long bowls (VLL), short bowls (VLC) and half bowls (VLD) made of methacrylate, clear or opal finish.

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