Lum’ en Mouv collection


Lum’en Mouv brings movement to light. It’s no small thing ! The idea is to create a lumino-technical effect which evokes the burning of a solid, liquid, or gaseous body through a vacillating flame which was how man started using light. Thanks to an extremely sophisticated LED light lens, Lum’en Mouv can reproduce the dynamic image of a fire of various types, like a candle for example. As for the artistic aspect, Lum’en Mouv is the fuel to accelerate the process of creating a light that mimics the movement of natural burning. This phenomenon imparts a historical feeling to this type of light. This art involves balancing today with the lighting that is controlled perfectly using electricity, but has lost its fun aspect by creating immobile fields of light.

Caractéristiques générales

LUM’EN MOUV is based on a unique patented cluster of 8 PCB LEDs that allow faithfully reproducing the natural vacillation of a flame. Without limiting itself to a decorative effect, LUM’EN MOUV achieves the required lighting level in the field of public lighting.  LUM’EN MOUV has a series of 8 pre-programmed animations, of which 3 reproduce wood fires, 3 others reproduce a flame, and 2 others imitating soft lights. 1 fixed lighting position which eliminates the vacillation phenomenon is included in every case. On request, it is possible to create any type of personalised scenario. The programs are chosen using a switch which can be adjusted on-site or in the factory. There are 3 different power factors for each of the scenarios, designed for the perfect lumino-technical effect.

The flow and power vary by more or less 20% over the course of a program.

Programs 1 and 2:
Candle – Lantern:
“calm” intensity: “low” power
Programs 5 and 7:
Crucible – Torch:
“normal” intensity: “medium” power
Programs 3/4/6 and 8:
Chimney – Brazier – Hearth – Tallow candle:
“high” intensity: “high” power

Since LUM’EN MOUV operates at an average power of 50 W when functioning (in its sucpessive light on-light off cycles) out of a total capacity of 100 W, and is perfectly suitable for pedestrian zones and historical centres. Recommended installation height: 3 to 6 m.

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