Lolito poles and brackets

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Lolito poles and brackets Lolito collection

All-in-one set including an IP66 case, cast aluminium rotating Lolita optical unit and adapter sleeve. Mounting on brackets and pole up to Ø 62 mm. Driver integrated, decorative antenna optional (depending on the Lolita / EX / AV combination only). Possibility of integration with a remote-control antenna.

1 - Lolito AR, pole cp 4 m • 2 - Lolito EX bracket, S1000 mm, decorative antenna, pole cp 5 m • 3 - Lolito AV pole, pole cp 4 m • 4 - Lolito AR bracket, S500 mm, pole cp 4 m • 5 - Lolito EX, decorative antenna, pole cp 4 m