Lolita Contour

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Lolita Contour Objets lumière collection

All-in-one sets for integration in blocks, facades, edges, etc. LOLITA in a controlled raking light. LED equipment and integrated serial protection in a sealed cabinet fixed on the back of the set, IP 66, mounted on a deco part which allows housing Lolita in a niche of planned dimensions to obtain a flush position or on an outreach as regards civil engineering. Available with or without an anti-glare hood (except round model). Set mounted on a post with separated control gear. Polyester coating finish, RAL or Futura Akzo Nobel colours.

1, 2 - Lolita Contour rectangular 1 PCB, with and without light blocker optional • 3 - Lolita Contour compact 4 PCB • 4, 5 - Lolita Contour rectangular 2 PCB, with and without light blocker optional • 6 - Lolita Contour rectangular 2 PCB on post, equipment separate