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The Lolita concept

An engineering marvel in your hand: Chrysalis’ ambition when developing its LOLITA program was to design an ultra-compact LED “light”, inspired and built for the future. This simple concept led us to conceive of the LOLITA as stand-alone and independent of any installation and functioning constraints. We moved everything which was not necessary for the correct functioning of LOLITA to a CHRYSABOX box to house the drivers at the base of the pole. This choice allowed us to create a complete break at the level of heat exchanges between the LED and driver and also avoided the need to use a flying scaffold in case of intervention by operators when carrying out maintenance operations on the installations. Everything is pre-wired in the plant. Now, the optical unit itself has become the entire light. The decor is integrated in the bodyworks.

L’esthétique Lolita

The goal of LOLITA’s design is to achieve the smallest and thinnest type of luminaire possible.

This is a rather fantastical range, and certainly quirky compared to the products available on the market. The relevance of this design may also bring about changes in current fashions and especially redesign the architectural balance of a lambda light pole.

LOLITA comes in different sizes calibrated to the right measure og the power you need to illuminate in beauty.

LOLITA, it is also a meccano that allows us by assembly in the same space to create a spirit of family and an identity.

Through a combination of ideas, the unencumbered bodyworks of Lolita and its variety of mounting systems are a good tool for light designers to design future products together.

For example, we selected 7 different families. These themes reproduce the main spectrums of the lighting market:


Beauty is only more beautiful if it comes from an idea.

LOLITA is all at once but it is above all a graphic line that expresses itself in simplicity and clarity.

Mounting systems

In order to increase the synergy between one ­LOLITA light and another, we have provided ten different mounting systems for the lights. This is a part of our tool box to create made-to-order solutions with the standard:

TECHNO D60 to fix the light on a bracket cap such that its connection disappears from view.
TECHNO Rotule that allows mounting with the possibility of inclining the light.
TECHNO Applique pole mounting or on a façade.
TECHNO Lyre and Lyre direct that allows on-site adjustments and at the azimuth of the light.
DIRECT MOUTING on the LOLITA bodyworks on request.

These different types of LOLITA mountings are part of an elegant approach which allows us to create perfect harmony between aesthetics, utility, and practicality.


The chrysabox system consists of 3 junction boxes at the base of the pole which are inter-connectable and compatible with all the modern electrical requirements. The assembly ruler of the various boxes allows adjusting the final position of the boxes in relation to the opening of the door.

Chrysabox, par CHRYSALIS